Malabar Court

A light-hearted reverse-assimilation drama about one woman’s transformative journey back to India, where she must confront the past in order to discover her future.

Trying to put some distance between her and the painful end to a relationship, Sonya Cooper abandons her job in Toronto and returns to her childhood home in Bombay (Mumbai). A first generation Parsi Indo-Canadian woman, Sonya is quickly overwhelmed by all the places and people, at once deeply familiar and yet strangely foreign. What starts as a simple trip to a wedding soon hurls Sonya into a confusing love affair with a childhood friend, the eruption of a long simmering dispute with her mother and, eventually, a legal nightmare over the fate of the family apartment.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Length: 100 min
  • Writer/Dir: Niara Modi
In development with Telefilm and Movie Central