A Wake

DIRECTOR: Penelope Buitenhuis

Some people are better off dead

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After the mysterious death of its infamous director, members of a formerly renowned theatre company come together for his funeral wake. As the grieving widow begrudgingly welcomes the thespians to her house, the proceedings start to go awry when old rivalries and jealousies erupt, exposing a myriad of secrets and lies.

  • DGC Feature Film Awards Nominations: Best Direction & Best Picture Editing
  • Carmel Art & Film Festival – Winner Best Picture (awarded by Clint Eastwood)
  • Female Eye Festival – Winner Best Picture
  • Women in Film Vancouver – Opening Night Film
  • Atlantic Film Festival
“Think of A Wake as a sort of Canadian Big Chill. With even more of a chill… A most daring piece of work.” 3.5 Stars – MONTREAL GAZETTE